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Luxele Moisturizer - How it works, Test Results, Directions, Main Ingredients

Luxele® Cellular Renewal Moisturizer

Luxele® Cellular Renewal Moisturizer not just moisturizes, it also refines your skin texture and prevents premature aging.

How It Works

1. Long Lasting Moisturizing
Our skin builds a natural barrier to protect itself. However many factors impacts, even distrupts the natural barrier, such as weather conditions, bad air quality, various makeups and skin products we put on, body physiological changes, everyday stress. 

Optimal moisturizing is NOT to add more layers to our skin but to help SUSTAIN skin's own natural barrier to its peak performance. Luxele Cellular Rewewal Moisturizer does just that!

"Mega moisturizer" Silk Crystal® binds to water molecule up to 50X of its own weight. It constantly replenish skin with water to achieve long lasting moisturizing effect even in a dry environment.

2. Minimize Pore Sizes and Refine Skin Texture
Pores enlarge when there are excess sebum secretion. Extra sebum also makes skin oily and causes acnes. Unattended, our skin will become rough with large pores.


Silk Crystal® has a unique capability to regulate sebum secretion. In combination with its moisturizing power, it is able to keep a perfect oil-water ratio for the skin natural barrier. For oily skin, reduced sebum secretion will reduce pore size and eventually refine skin texture.

3. Promote Cellular Renewal and Defy Skin Aging
Aging is a natural process, but it can certainly be deferred. Luxele® Cellular Renewal Moisturizer's new advanced formula is full of age defying agents. Our patented magic molecule, Silk Crystal®, is proven to have the power of skin repair and regeneration. Gold has many benefits, such as promoting collagen regeneration, increasing skin elasticity, reduce sun damage. Carefully selected botanical extracts are loaded with anti-oxidants. 

Test Results*
The tests are conducted on three aspects of the product

1. Allergenicity - People with sensitive skin were asked to use the product. No allergic reactions are reported.
2. Shine control - People with oily skin were asked to use the product. After 7-10days of use, one can notice less oily skin. After two months of use, one starts to notice cleaner and smaller pores with refined skin texture.
3. Collagen Regeneration -Following shows one of our researches.  Compared to the young skin cells (yellow), the aging skin cells (green) has diminished collagen generation capability.  After treatment of Silk Crystal®, the old skin cells (red) have almost restored the collage generation capability to that of the young skin cells. 


Gently apply the lotion to clean face in an upward direction.

Main Ingredients (FDA Approved Original Formula)

Silk Crystal®, gold, asprargus root extract, beeswax, borago seed oil, shea butter, safflower extract, chlorella extract, grapefruit seed extract, hazel nut seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, soybean extract, licorice root extract, asian ginseng root extract, avocado oil, pollen extract, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, kudzu root extract...



*Each person has unique skin condition.  Your results may vary.  If you have sensitive skin, please test in a small area to see if your skin is allergic to this product first.  If you experience any allergic reaction, stop using immediately and seek physician's help if necessary.