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About Luxele

Inspired by Medical Breakthrough

Skin is our first defense. Burn or trauma patients that lost large area of skin not only face the danger of massive infection but also experiencing severe pain. 

Our lab has isolated the miraculous ingredient, Silk Crystal®, from natural silk fiber, and developed bio-skin. Clinical research has shown that bio-skin made from silk not only accelerates wound healing with little infection and pain, but also significantly reduces scaring.

Inspired by Silk Crystal®'s superb skin repair and regenerate capacity, we have developed Luxele® All Natural Base-Free Skin Care line.

Silk Crystal® : Nature's Wonder

Silk has long been known beneficial to skin.  However, only about 4% of silk molecules form a unique 3D structure, Silk Crystal®, has the mysterious skin renewal capacity.


Mega Moisturizer - Full of micro pores that bind water molecules up to 50 times its own weight

Skin Renewal - Promotes skin cells repair and regeneration
Pore size and Acne Control - Regulates oil secretion to reduce oil build up in pores
Hypoallergenic - Highly compactible with human (FDA has approved its use in human)
Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial - Alleviate skin infection and acne control
UV Protection - Blocks UV lights, a natural sunscreen


Revolutionary Base-Free® Formula
All and Only Active Ingredients

Luxele® All Natural Skin Care is the First and Only Base-Free® skin care product. Current skin care products on market usually consist of two parts: active ingredients and base, which is used to carry active ingredients. More and more studies have revealed problems caused by base, because often it contains harmful chemicals, such as various petroleum extracts.

Luxele® All Natural Skin Care innovation begins with the very foundation of skin care products the base. Owing to its magic biochemical characteristics, Silk Crystal® not only serves as one of the major active ingredients, it also serves as carrier for other active ingredients. As such, Luxele ® All Natural Skin Care formula is Base-Free® and consists of only active ingredients that makes it more potent, more effective, and free of the harmful chemicals.

Luxele® All Natural Skin Care is free of the harmful chemicals

Parabens or other Synthetic Preservatives Free: Parabens are typical chemical preservatives that are widely used in cosmetics. According to recent researches, it is linked to breast cancer and it accelerates the aging process of skin by formation of wrinkles and age spots.

Propylene Glycol Free: Propylene Glycol is a commonly used as a humectant to retain moisture of the skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of water. Unfortunately, frequent and long-term contact with skin can cause severe irritation, allergies and even liver abnormalities.

Petroleum Extracts Free: Mineral oil and its derivatives, such as paraffin wax, are chemically processed petroleum that is usually used as base materials for making skin care products. Its gradual build-up can cause skin irritation, and may even interfere with the body 's absorption of important nutrients and vitamins, and inhibit the natural functions of the skin.

Silicone Free: Silicones are chemically synthesized compounds that are used as base materials for most of skin care and hair care products due to its low cost and soft texture. But they are controversial substances when it comes to safety. But they are responsible for the build-up of residues in skin and hair, which result in blocking the skin pores and hair loss. They are not biodegradable, and therefore not environmentally friendly.

Synthesized Chemical Fragrances & Coloring Agents Free: Most synthesized chemical fragrances and coloring agents are produced from chemicals derived from petroleum oil or coal. They may cause various allergic reactions such as skin irritations and rashes, especially with prolonged and repeated exposure. Chemical fragrances are the number one cause of allergic reactions to cosmetics, not only to the primary users, but also to those who breathe in the chemicals as secondhand users.

Main Ingredients

Luxele ® All Natural Skin Line uses the finest, proven effective ingredients from nature.