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Proactive Maintenance - Make Sure Your Skin is Well Nourished and Renewed

Like anything else, our skin needs maintenance. Skin is a living organ, and how healthy our skin looks largely depends on how well it is nourished and renewed.



Dead skin cells prevent new cells from emerging and causes skin problems, such as acnes, wrinkles, and inflammations.  They also impairs nutrients absorption.  Proper removal of dead skin cells not only reveals younger looking skin within minutes, but also ensures skin health. 


 Poor circulation impairs skin metabolism and retains toxins.  As a result, we have dull aging skin.  Gently massage your face on a regular basis improves skin blood circulation, which accelerates detox  and improves nutrients absorption.  

Sun Care                               

We all know the severity of sun damage to our skin.  It causes premature aging, dark spots, even skin cancer.  

Luxele® Skin Care - Emphasize Prevention 

Luxele® Fruits Enzyme Exfoliating Mask exfoliates thoroughly yet gently.  The fruits enzymes are just right to remove only the old skin cells. Meanwhile, precious botanical extracts help to detox pollutants and toxins. Learn More...

Luxele® Skin Activating Massage Cream improves blood circulation while nourishes skin cells. Learn More...

Luxele® Silk Crystal® Gold Powder is made of pure silk and gold complex.  A natural sun block without the harmful, pore blocking chemicals. Learn More...