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Everyday Care - Keep Your Skin Clean and Hydrated

Skin care specialists can't emphasize enough that the most basic yet essential routine for healthy skin is proper cleansing and moisturizing



Skin is our first defense.  It is constantly exposed to various impurities, such as dust, pollutants, makeups, bacteria....  Skin is also a living organ. It excretes sweats, metabolites, oil....  Proper cleansing prevent inflammation, acne caused by dust, excess oil, makeup residues, and bacteria.  It also prevents premature aging by promptly remove pollutants and toxins that hinder skin renewal. 


It is the perfect balance of water and oil that keeps skin supple and refined, with that youthful glow. Dehydrated skin is less resilient.  To protect itself, our skin increases its oil secretion.  As a result, we have dry and oil skin.  Prolonged dehydration causes wrinkles, rough texture with large pores.

Luxele® Everyday Care - Simple and Effective 

Luxele® Extra Gentle Cleansing Lotion creates a unique cleansing action with the combination of Silk Crystal® and botanical extracts.  Not only it cleans the surface of your face (including eye makeups),  it also removes impurities from your pores.  One cleanser for all.  All the cleansing power, yet extra gentle and hypoallergenic. A perfect cleanser for sensitive skin. Learn More... 

Luxele® Cellular Renewal Moisturizer has the Silk Crystal "Mega Moisturizing" power.  It binds water 50x its own weight, and keeps your skin moisturized all day long.  It also promotes cell renewal to defy aging.  Learn More...