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Luxele Intense Restore Solution - How It Works, Test Results, Directions, Main Ingredients

Luxele® Intense Restore Solution (IRS)

Luxele® Intensive Restore Solution (IRS) provides your with a ultimate restoration. 

How It Works

Luxele® Intensive Restore Solution (IRS) formula is composed of highly concentrated natural antioxidants from herbs and plants that proven to be effective in promoting collagen production, defying aging process, and brightening skin tone. The micro pored structure of Silk Crystal® results in long-lasting moisture retention, stabilizing sensitive herbal antioxidants and gives a beautiful silky texture to the skin.

IRS delivers potent natural antioxidants into the skin where pigment production takes place. It increases the cell-turnover rate and evens skin tone by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, which triggers the synthesis of melanin in the skin often caused by sun exposure.

IRS reduces the appearance of fine lines and restores damaged skin to its original glory while increasing cells renewal in the epidermis and rebuilding collagen against the aging process. This innovative formula stimulates cell regeneration and combating the harmful effects of toxic free radicals formed by the oxidation of oil and sun exposure, as well as soothing the irritation of inflammed acne.

Test Results*
The tests are conducted on two aspects of the product

1. Allergenicity - People with sensitive skin were asked to use the product. No allergic reactions are reported.
2. Restoration Effects - To treat sunburn, apply as soon as possible.  After 1-2 applications, one can feel the irritation is soothed.  Continued use helps skin recovery and minimize the sun damage.  Under usual circumstance, after 7-10days of use, one notices skin condition improvements.  Skin looks more radiant and refreshed. 

To preserve the potency of the ingredients without using chemicals, we have specially designed this mechanism. 

1. Mix the ingredients. Press down the top button of the bottle all the way till the seal opens. Then pat the side of cap lightly to make sure
all the powder indgredients are release into the bottle. Shake 10 seconds until powder is dissolved totally. Replace cap with dropper
close firmly. Store in refrigerator after opening. Please refer to the picture below.



2. Cleanse face and neck, pat dry.
3. Use 6-7 drops (0.5ml) in the palm of your hand, and apply all over face and neck. Avoid getting too close to eyes.
4. Gently massage into targeted skin area. You may feel a tingling sensation - this indicates the product is reacting with the skin surface
and is absorbed properly.
5. Follow with facial lotion or cream.
1. Use Luxele Fruits Enzyme Exfoliating Mask first to make sure all dead skin is removed and nutrients can be best absorbed.
2. Apply after sun burn to neuturalize the damage caused by sun.
3. Open one bottle at a time and try to finish it within 10 days. Usually you will see improvements after 1st bottle so you may want to
save the rest for later.

Main Ingredients (FDA Approved Original Formula)

Silk Crystal®, gold, acacia senegal extract, aloe vera leaf juice, ascorbic acid, camellia tea extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, licorice root extract, witch hazel leaf extract, asian ginseng root extract, grape seed extract...



*Each person has unique skin condition.  Your results may vary.  If you have sensitive skin, please test in a small area to see if your skin is allergic to this product first.  If you experience any allergic reaction, stop using immediately and seek physician's help if necessary.