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Luxele Fruits Mix Peeling Serum - How It Works, Test Results, Directions, Main Ingredients

Luxele® Fruits Mix Peeling Serum

Luxele® Fruits Mix Peeling Serum offs spa experience and results at the convenience of your home.

How It Works

Skin care around eye area is rather complicated and chanllenging. Skin around eye is thinner therefore it is more vulnerable, such as fine wrinkles, lost of firmness. we also need to care for problems under skin, such as dark circle, puffiness.



Skin around eye is delicate, overloading skin care products will do more harm than good. Our patented Base Free™ formula contains only active indgredients, which makes it potent with light application, perfect as skin care for eye. Silk Crystal® repairs and regenerates; Gold not only increases skin elasticity, it also promotes circulation and helps improve dark circle and puffness. Precious herbs and botanical extracts neuturalize oxidants, one of the major causes of aging.

Test Results*
The eye cream is tested on the following aspect:

1. Allergenicity - The eye cream is tried by people with very sensitive skin and no allergenic reaction is detected.
2. Wrinkle Reduction- Tests on reduction of wrinkles number and lenghth are conducted. Following shows examples.


Warm small amount of Luxele® Intensive Repair Cream between your finger tips. Lightly pat the eye cream around your eye area. Make sure the skin around eye is clean and moist when you apply.

Main Ingredients (FDA Approved Original Formula)

Silk Crystal®, gold, asprargus root extract, beeswax, borago seed oil, shea butter, sappanwood bark extract, chlorella extract, grapefruit seed extract, cnidium root extract, hazel nut seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, paeonia root extract, perilla leaf extract, asian ginseng root extract, avocado oil, pollen extract, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, kudzu root extract...


*Each person has unique skin condition.  Your results may vary.  If you have sensitive skin, please test in a small area to see if your skin is allergic to this product first.  If you experience any allergic reaction, stop using immediately and seek physician's help if necessary.