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Luxele Acne Mask - How It Works, Test Results, Directions, Main Ingredients...

Luxele® Silk Crystal® Acne Mask

Luxele® Silk Crystal® Acne Mask shrinks swollen acne within minutes. 

How It Works

The redness and swelling of acne is caused by inflamation. Luxele® patented magic molecule Silk Crytal® is naturally antibacterial. Its physical and chemical structure makes it superb in absorbing excess sebum (oil secreted by skin) while maintaining skin moisturized. Botanical extracts helps soothes the inflamation. As a result, the mask is able to  reduce the redness and swelling within minutes. 

Test Results*
The eye mask is tested on the following aspects:

1. Allergenicity - The eye cream is tried by people with very sensitive skin and no allergenic reaction is detected.
2. Acne Shrinkage Effect - Apply mask on red and swelling emerging acne for 20-30minutes, and treated area shows significant reduction of swelling and redness to unnoticeble level.


Clean the area and pat dry. Luxele® Silk Crystal® Acne Care Mask is covered with non-woven fabric sheets on both sides. Remove the cover sheet from one side, and place the mask side onto the problem area. Smooth over mask gently to ensure good contact with skin. Keep the mask on until dry (usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes). Remove mask, then apply skin care products of your choice. For best result, apply Luxele® Blemish Clarifying Serum to the area for continued treatment.

1. If your skin is acne prone, try Luxele® Fruits Enzyme Exfoliating Mask once a week to prevent pores blocked by dead skin, one of main causes of acne.
2. If you use face powder, try Luxele Silk Crystal® Gold Powder. It will not clog your pores and naturally antibacterial.

Main Ingredients (FDA Approved Original Formula)

Silk Crystal®, asparagus root extract, aloe vera leaf juice, grapefruit seed extract, witch hazel leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, salicylic acid, terminalia bellirica fruit extract, grape seed extract...


*Each person has unique skin condition.  Your results may vary.  If you have sensitive skin, please test in a small area to see if your skin is allergic to this product first.  If you experience any allergic reaction, stop using immediately and seek physician's help if necessary.